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Perfecting slackline softpointing since 2009

LineScale-3 - a world’s first in load measuring technology

90kN MBS, 1280Hz fast, IP67 water proof, 10kN PPE rated, on-board memory to store 50h of logs, Li-Po battery for 30h endurance, and much more…

Generation 5

3D sculpted components, all-round beveled edges,
bigger load eye and 10% lighter than the G4
at the same 15 kN working load!

lineGrip G4 - the legend

Safe, reliable and ultra strong at 15 kN working load!


A brand new feature!

In all respects a game changing improvement in handling!

highlineGrip - the feather weight

A mere 380g – when every gram counts!

tricklineGrip - the panzer!

Softpoint your 2″ webbing and enter a whole new universe of tricklining.

Lifetime Warranty & Service

Free service, repair or replacement at defect, as long as the unit exists. No compromise!

Design meets functionality

Function and safety ist paramount, but looks is key!

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Patented technology

Attach, reposition and remove in just a second – without hassle, every time!


Proven quality since 2009 and valued in any conceivable scenario by almost 10.000 users worldwide.


Designed with a 3 : 1 safety factor and equipped with custom rubber compound for optimum safety.

Premium Materials

Full high grade aviation aluminum AW7075-T651 construction for best performance to weight ratio.


Lifetime Guarantee

Free service, repair or replacement at defect, as long as the lineGrip exists. No compromise!

Designed with maximum flexibility in mind!

The lineGrip will adapt to all your challenges and assist you in realizing any project

A world’s first in terms of safety and smartness

LineScale-3 – the revolution
A new era for all-in-one dynamometers!

  • Fast: 1280 Hz max scan rate
  • Safe: PPE certified (recommended 10 kN SWL)
  • Smart: onboard memory for up to 50h log saving
  • 30 kN WLL (max. load reading), 90 kN MBS
  • 9 : 1 PPE safety ratio (MBS : SWL)
  • Backlight OLED graphic display
  • Rechargeable 1350mAh Li-Po battery = 30h operation
  • Bluetooth-4 & USB interface, incl. Win/Mac/iOS/Android apps

Super small, light, safe, smart and really pretty.

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Patented Technology

The lineGrips’ working principle is patented in 7 countries since December 2009 unter EU.PAT. 2 506 936 and US.PAT. 9 115 783.

The patent covers the leverage action technology, in combination with the latching hook & peg locking mechanism, the tilt-reducing load bracket design and the custom developed lineGrip-Rubber grip surfaces.

Learn more about the technology >

linegrip highlinegrip g2 mk2 open

Super Safe and Reliable

Top grade materials and high tech engineering, such as

  • aviation aluminum alloy AW7075-T651,
  • high grade steel AISI303 load bearing bolts,
  • custom taylored high friction rubber plates,
  • a 3 : 1 safety ratio of breaking load to working load,
  • a construction perfected through 8 years of R&D,

guarantees safety and reliability in almost any situation, and under almost all conceivable conditions.

Learn more about lineGrip safety >

Easy and Fast Handling

The patented lineGrip mechanism allows for attachment to and removal from tensioned or slack webbing within seconds.

Repositioning is just as swift and easy. Simply push the lineGrip to the desired position and start tensioning – no hassles!

Learn more about handling >

lineGrip plate in hand
linegrip type-3 rubber coating detail

Special Rubber Compound

No commercially available rubber met the high demands we set on the lineGrip’s gripping surface, so we developed an ultra high integrity, high friction and very temperature stable rubber compound, that is unique worldwide.

Learn more about the lineGrip Type-3 rubber >

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lineGrip G5 light webbing clamp for rigging tensioning slacklines
tricklineGrip G1-SBR lineGrip 2" webbing clamp for rigging tensioning slacklines
longlineGrip G4-SBR lineGrip webbing clamp for rigging tensioning slacklines
highlineGrip G2-SBR lineGrip ultralight webbing clamp for rigging tensioning slacklines
lineGrip nano - ultralight webbing clamp for rigging tensioning slacklines

Testimonial Andy Lewis


Andy Lewis, US
Andy Lewis, US Father of slacklife • Professional Slackliner • www.slackline-brothers.com

“The lineGrip is the missing link for slackine rigging. When used with a web lock on either side of your system, you have perfect lines… everytime! I love it!”

Testimonial Fred Pascal


Fred Pascal, FR
Fred Pascal, FR passionate highline / waterline / caveline rigger • FB: les Mous de la sangle

“The lineGrip is my best friend since 2011 in every season, every place and every project. Be Linegrip”

linegrip cartoon fred pascal

Testimonial Nathan Paulin


Nathan Paulin, FR
Nathan Paulin, FR Professional Slackliner • Highline world record holder • www.nathanpaulin.com

“The lineGrip is one of the only gear developed only for slacklining. It is essential to tension all lines from 10 meters to 1 mile… I love the ultralight HighlineGrip!

after le kilometre worldrecord (c) sam bie nathan-paulin

Testimonial Mickey Wilson


Mickey Wilson, US
Mickey Wilson, US Professional Slackliner • Adventure Athlete • 3-time World Trickline Champion • www.trickymickeywilson.com

“The LineGrip is the most revolutionary piece of gear for serious slackliners. I haven’t rigged without a LineGrip or TrickLineGrip in years. There’s just nothing better than a soft pointed highline or trickline.”

tricklinegrip tensioning highline

Testimonial Lukas Irmler


Lukas Irmler, DE
Lukas Irmler, DE Slackliner • Showact • Consultant • www.lukas-irmler.com

“Der Line Grip hat das Spannen von Slacklines nachhaltig revolutioniert und besonders seit der Kombination mit dem Hangover herkömmliche Flaschenzüge größtenteils überflüssig gemacht. Aber auch in Kombination mit einem Flaschenzug hat er mein Leben sehr bereichert. Ich benutze den Linegrip jedes Mal wenn ich Slacklinen gehe – also fast jeden Tag!”

800m world record highline (c) lukas irmler

Testimonial Tauri Vahesaar

Tauri Vahesaar, EE
Tauri Vahesaar, EE Professional Slackliner • Stuntman • Multiple World Trickline Champion • www.taurivahesaar.com

“We used the tricklineGrip for the Forests Beasts project and it was the perfect tool for rigging as many lines as we needed with perfect tension. It is the perfect tool for trickhighlinig, so you can remove the pulleys from your system and enjoy the pure line!”

tauri vahesaar one arm lever

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Function and safety ist paramount, but looks is key!

Its obvious, that our primary focus, when designing and developing the lineGrip, is on function and safety. Therefore the lineGrip radiates simplicity in form and design. 

In the first 7 years there was no fancy 3D sculpted surface, and no element that does not primarily serve a functional purpose.
This changed in December 2017. After functional perfection was achieved through the final detail - the Spring-Ball-Retainer - it was time to focus more on visual design.

The newest generation lineGrip - the G5 - features neat weight saving pockets and all-round beveled edges, instead of flat CNC-milled plates. Aside from the design aspect, this also creates a better haptic experience and further reduces the lineGrip's weight.