lineGrip nano

Organically shaped, ultra light polyamide webbing clamp for 1″ slacklines

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lineGrip nano

This tiny gem is specifically aimed at users of the “buckingham” tensioning technique,
who care to save even the last bit of weight and space in their backpack.

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Key Specs

Maximum Working Load (MWL) 4 kN (880 lbf)
Common Slipping Threshold (CST*) ~ 8 kN (~ 1600 lbf)
Breaking Strength >10 kN (2200 lbf)
Permitted operating temperature -10° to +40° C (32° to 105° F)
Approved webbing width 16 – 26 mm (0.6 – 1.05“)
Approved webbing thickness 1 – 5 mm (0.04 – 0.2“)
Weight (excl. triangle) ca. 100 g (3.5 oz)
Measure L  x W x H 83 x 44 x 47 mm
Length cord-loop ca. 120 mm
Breaking strength of cord-loop >20 kN


Body modules Polyamide (PA12)
Load cord (cord loop) 4 mm Liros Dyneema D-Pro
Rubber plates LG Type-3 rubber on AL carrier plate
2/3 size
Manufacturing technology Selective Laser Sinter (SLS)

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