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A revolutionary digital all-in-one bluetooth dyno / load cell. PPE certified, 1280Hz (<1ms) fast, 30kN WLL, and unique onboard-logging of up to 50 hours. The huge load eyes and 90kN breaking strength make it perfectly suited as a generous master point for any type of rigging challenge.

Since Nov. 2023 the new LineScale-3i replaced its predecessor:

The “i” stands for “improved”.
Improved, as in revised and thus better than the predecessor in terms of torsion resistance, and temperature stability.

The LS3i features a few minor refinements, such as:
– solid reverse side (no more inserted plate)
– slightly larger front label (but same OLED)
– less torsion and bending sensitivity
– less temperature sensitivity (almost perfect temp. compensation)
– better IP rating (IP68-0.1m instead of IP67)
(the specs, electronics, OLED display, etc. remain the same) 

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LineScale-3 LS3 dyno dynamometer PPE 30kn load cell

The LineScale-3 is a crowdfunded project which was launched on Dec. 16th 2020, and fully funded 4 days later. The funders’ investment will pay for hardware- and software development, PPE-Certification, and production of 1000 units.

Development was started on Dec. 30th 2020, and the first retail units are expected to hit the shelves before the end of 2021.

Join the lineScale project group for more information and development status posts:

Current status as of Sept. 15th 2021: The prototype is up and running since May and hardware/software have been approved and cleared for production. The first 150 units are being manufactured right now.

Pre-Orders: The first 111 units were sold with 12% discount, and sold out in less than 6 months. The next 100 units sold with 6% discount within another 6 months. These pre-order discounts accounted for the many months ahead payment the buyers trusted us with before they will receive the shipment. From the time of available stock the LS3 will sell for MSRP $885… it’s in stock since June 2022!

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Key details
On-board logging
OLED display
Power Management
Scan rate


Check out the awesome videos, courtesy by Ryan Jenks of HowNOT2!


The following images are in part pictures and in part 3D renderings.
The pictures of the golden units are of the predecessor LineScale-2 for demonstration purposes (body size and shape is identical to LS3).

LineScale-3 Demo Videos


Demo of On-Board log functions
Demo of basic functions

LS3 Key Specs

Working Load Limit (WLL) 30 kN (6600 lbf)
PPE Load Limit 25kN (5500 lbf)
Min. Breaking Strength (MBS) 90 kN (19800 lbf)
Measure L  x W x H 190 x 90 x 20 mm
Size load eyes 60 x 40 mm (R30 D-Shape)
Weight (incl. battery) 520 g (18 oz)
Operating temperature 0° to +40° C (32° to 105° F)
Relative operating humidity 10% to 80% RH
Protection Class IP67

Electronic Specs

Measuring range -10 % to 110 % WLL
Display units kgf / lbf / kN
Maximum range 3000 kgf / 6600 lbf / 30 kN
Display division (resolution) 1 kg / 2 lbf / 0.01 kN
Measure error
(applied to current load!)
 ±0.25% (@3kN-15kN)
max. ±0.75% (@0kN-30kN)
Sensor scan rate (cycle rate)
All available for on-board logs!

Fast USB: 1280 Hz (<1ms)
Slow USB: 640 Hz (1,5ms) 

Fast BT: 40 Hz (25 ms)
Slow BT: 10 Hz (100ms)


Energy saving, high performance 72MHz Arm® 32-bit Cortex®-M3 CPU w. custom designed PCB


3.7V 1600 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery pack
Operating endurance min. 30 hours continuous
(20h w. bluetooth enabled)
Up to 60h in power save (display off)
Charging & download/live port Unique dual Micro-USB
Interface Bluetooth BLE 5.0/4.2
USB 3.1 Gen. 1×1


Material body aviation aluminum alloy LY12CZ
Body finish satin, steel ball shot peened
Coloring anodized in discrete misty-copper-grey color
Manufacturing technology true unibody, milled from solid block
Assembly Method hidden screw adhesive sealed

Safety is Paramount

This device is milled out of one solid block of high-tensile aviation aluminum (LY12CZ), giving it a whopping 90kN MBS. In terms of safety this is the best deal you can get. Theres no bolts, screws, rings, pistons or joints that could possibly fail… this is the security of mind you need when leaving the scale in the rope access rig while working on it, or in the highline rig while walking it! Independent break testing resulted in a mind blowing 110kN! (see below)

The LineScale-3 is PPE certified to give you peace of mind when your life depends on it. This certification also makes the LS3 suitable for industries such as rope access, height workers, event riggers, arborists, rescue workers, stunt riggers, etc., and PPE professionals of any kind.

Working Principle

The lineScale works by the priciple of material micro deformation: Wikipedia – Strain Gauge

User Configurable

A threshold load value can be set in the Android and iOS app to sound an alarm when reached.
The displayed unit (kg, lb, kN) and the auto power off time can easily be selected and saved as preset by the user.

LineScale-3 rear laser marking
LineScale-3 OLED display
LineScale in pro-tripod rig
lineScale dynanometer w. high accuracy
iPhone in hand w app and symbols
LineScale-3 inside view electronics sensors
LineScale-3 OLED display
HowNOT2 LineScale-3 break test