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lineGrip terminology (part names, terms and definitions)

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SWL - Safe Working Load

The load up to which it is safe to use the lineGrip in a given scenario.
Note: does not translate to the industry standard SWL, which is linked to a devices safety factor.

We use SWL in correspondence to EWL, because it's a well known term that is commonly associated correctly with the load at which a device may be used.


MWL - Maximum Working Load

The lineGrip's maximum permissible load.

Designated on the clamping plate as "MAX LOAD".

CST - Common Slipping Threshold

The load at which a lineGrip will typically begin to slip on the webbing.

Note: This load should never be reached!
It is not permissible to exceed the MWL under any circumstance!

MBS - Minimum Breaking Strength

The minimum load at which a lineGrip typically fails (breaks).

The weakest part of a lineGrip are the pivot points of the levers (the pegs on the stationary clamping plate).

The strongest part of a lineGrip is the load bracket, which typically withstands 90kN for the G4 and 50kN for the HLG model.

ELC - Environmental Load Condition

The condition your lineGrip is in under the current load at the current temperature.

This can be "Safe", "Caution", "Danger", or "Forbidden".

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EWL - Environmental Working Load

The safe working load limit at the current temperature.

At high temperature this can be significantly less, than the MWL of your lineGrip.

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CWL - Cluster Working Load

The safe working load limit of a lineGrip cluster (multiple linked lineGrips)

Note: This is significantly lower, than the added SWL of all the linked lineGrips.

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BWL - Base Working Load

90% SWL of the primary (front) unit of a lineGrip cluster (multiple linked lineGrips).

The BWL is used to calculate the CWL.

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