Linking lineGrips / lineGrip cluster

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Linking lineGrips / lineGrip cluster

Multiple linked lineGrips - a dual and a tripple lineGrip cluster

Multiple linked lineGrips are called a lineGrip-Cluster.

LineGrips can be linked to increase the max. working load, or to make a critical environmental situation safer (e.g. using the lineGrips at high tension in hot weather).

The absolute max working load is 21.5 kN, which is achieved through 3 linked lineGrip G5/G4! See calculation formula below.

Two linked lineGrips - a dual lineGrip cluster

lineGrip clustering is an advanced technique, which may only be applied by experienced lineGrip users!


Using multiple linked lineGrips, as shown in the image, does NOT sum up the working loads of the lineGrips used in the cluster! E.g. two G4 do NOT result in 30kN SWL!

Please use the following guideline to calculate the Cluster Working Load (CWL):

  • Install the strongest device as primary lineGrip
  • 90% of this primary unit‘s Working Load (SWL) is your Base Working Load (BWL)
  • With one secondary lineGrip add 5 kN to BWL (regardless of model)
  • With two secondary lineGrips add 8 kN (4 kN per unit) to BWL (regardless of models)

Note: when using a HLG as primary unit, the max. admissable CWL is 12 kN (even with 2 secondary units)!
It is not permitted to link more than 3 units in total (1 primary + 2 secondary)!
Therefore the max. achievable CWL is: 21.5 kN !

The Cluster Working Load is thus calculated by taking the BWL (SWL-10%) of your primary unit (the strongest one) and adding 5 kN for one, or 8 kN for two additional units.


CWL calculation examples:

  • One G4 in front with two linked hlG will give you 13.5 kN + 8 kN = 21.5 kN CWL
  • Two linked hlG = 7 kN + 5 kN = 12 kN CWL


It is possible and permitted to link different lineGrip generations, such as lineGrip-15, G3 VA, G3/G4 AL, G5, highlineGrip and even tricklineGrip. Just ensure, that the strongest and newest lineGrip is used as primary unit!


Setup procedure for a cluster with mixed units:

Lock the last lineGrip to the webbing first, then lock all the others consecutively until you reach the first (primary) unit. Make sure all the connections are tight, in order to distribute the load to all the lineGrips equally from the beginning.

Setup procedure for a cluster with identical units:

The following lineGrips are considered as identical units due to their identical mechanical construction and leverage ratio:
G3, G4, G5, highlineGrip G2
When using any combination of these… attach all the lineGrips to be used in the cluster to the webbing and connect them. Now attach the tensioning system to the load bracket of the first (primary) unit and then pull at the link-eye of the LAST unit to extend the tensioning system.

Adding an additional lineGrip to a single lineGrip while under tension is not permitted! To modify a cluster, all the lineGrips must be unloaded.