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lineGrip Care • Service • Tips • Tricks

How to best store the lineGrip for longer period of time (a few weeks without use)

Make sure its dry and clean and store it in a dry, cool and dark place with unlatched clamping plate.

Be aware, that the rubber’s aging process will not be stopped when not in use. The rubber plates must be replaced after 2 years, even if it was never used during that time.

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Cleaning the lineGrip

Specific cleaning is unnecessary under “normal” circumstances.
If you treat your lineGrip really rough, use it very often and in harsh environments, such as dirt, mud, sand, salt water, etc, occasional maintenance is advisable.
If cleaning appears to be sufficient (no damage or jamming parts), proceed as follows:

  • Wash in a bucket of warm water and soap (best dishwashing liquid) using a brush.
  • Thoroughly rinse after washing with plenty warm water.
  • Dry with a towel and then shake out the remaining water from the gaps (careful: lock plate!). Especially shake in direction of the drainage holes in the clamping plates.
  • Then dry with a towel again.
  • Leave to dry in a cool, dark place for at least 2 days before finally storing.
  • You may of course use the lineGrip after washing, without thorough drying 😉

We recommend to send in your lineGrip to us for service and maintenance if it is obviously damaged, lever action is jamming, or whenever it does not perform as expected. lineGrip maintenance and service is free for life!

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You may, but you shouldn’t need to lubricate the levers at the pivot point.
Because the moving parts are anodized, which creates a very smooth-slick surface, the lineGrip is mostly lubrication free. In rare occasions, where dust constantly pollutes the pivot points, this anodization might wear off with time, resulting in squeaking, when opening/closing the lineGrip.
To eliminate this squeaking, you may apply one small drop of highly fluid oil to the four gaps between the safety caps and the levers (at the pivot point). After moving the levers a few times, the squeking will stop.
Note! Do not apply oil to the levers on the rubber side to avoid contamination of the rubber surface!


Keeping the rubber surface sticky

It is a good idea to clean the rubber coating from time to time to restore stickyness, and remove any residue that has collected on the rubber surface.
There are some tricks to doing this at home or as a quick fix “in the field”…

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