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Payment Methods

We do not charge any fees whatsoever for any of the payment methods, including Paypal and Credit Card transactions!
Important note about bank transfer fees for money transfers from outside the EU >

These payment methods are available during checkout:

  • Bank Wire Transfer (SEPA) SEPA
    Pay your order directly to our bank account. We will send you an email with the invoice and bank data. Please note, that your order will not be shipped until full payment has cleared on our bank account. From outside the EU bank fees may apply (see here)!
  • Paypal (SSL-Secured) Paypal
    Pay via PayPal with the standard 3-step checkout procedure in our shop. This enables you to define the billing- and shipping address in your customer account on our server.
  • Credit Card (SSL-Secure via Stripe) Visa Mastercard Amex
    Pay with your credit card via the secure Stripe payment gateway. Note: No credit card data will be collected by our website or stored on our servers! All credit card data is transmitted via highest standard SSL encryption and explicitly only handled by the secure Stripe-Server!
  • Apple Pay (SSL-Secure via Stripe) Apple Pay
    Pay with Apple Pay using your credit card (via the secure Stripe payment gateway). Note: No credit card data will be collected by our website or stored on our servers! All credit card data is transmitted via highest standard SSL encryption and explicitly only handled by the secure Apple-Pay server and Stripe server!

Bank Transfer Fees for money transfers from outside the EU
SEPA transfers (EU bank to EU bank) are always free of charge.
However, please be aware that most banks charge fees for foreign currency transfer and/or currency conversion for transfers from outside the EU to an EU bank account. Therefore, when selecting the Bank Wire Transfer payment method from outside the European Union (which we discourage due to high cost and long transfer time), please check with your bank for applicable fees and ensure that all fees are charged to your account (no fee splitting) to assure the full invoice balance is cleared on our bank account. The fees charged differ from bank to bank and country to country so we can’t carry any bank fees that may apply for a transfer from outside the EU. 


Pricing (related to VAT)

The prices shown in our shop are dynamically adjusted to show the most probable VAT-format applicable to you. We assess if VAT applies to you by means of a geolocate procedure with your IP address, or, if registered and logged in, the address you entered in your customer account.

You can identify the VAT status of the displayed prices by the suffix after the currency symbol, which reads eigher “(excl. tax)” or “(incl. tax)”. The terms “tax” and “VAT” are used intechangable in this context and refer to the same 19% legal German sales tax.

If VAT applies to you or not, in case of a purchase in our online shop, depends on the destination the goods are shipped to.
If this destination is located outside the European Union, you are exempt from VAT and thus shop taxfree. In this case the shipping costs are taxfree as well.
If the shipping destination is a EU member country and the buyer is a business customer with a valid EU VAT Number, both the goods, and the shipping costs are charged VAT free.
If the shipping destination is a EU member country and you are a consumer, VAT will be applied to both the goods and the shipping costs.
If the shipping destination is within Germany (domestic), VAT will be applied in any case.

To override the country for which the tax is calculated, you may manually select the destination country in the country selection tool, which is located at the top of every shop page. Once set, the location is stored, until you change it there or until you check out and select another destination for your order in the check-out procedure.

Additionally you may manually override the tax calculation by means of a tick-box below the country selector. This is primarily intended for business customers from a EU member state, that have not yet registered their EU VAT Number in our shop, but want to have the net (tax free) prices displayed.

EU VAT Numbers
When business customers register their EU VAT Number during the checkout procedure in our shop, a validation check with the EU VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) is carried out. Only if this validation is successful and the VAT Number is registered to the billing country of this order, and the shipping address is outside Germany, the transaction can be executed VAT free.

The defaut/base currency in our online shop is Euro (EUR). We have, however, implemented a currency conversion tool for your convenience. This tool is located at the top of every shop page, and once set, will apply globally to any shop page, until you change the currency (even if you leave the website and come back later – the setting is stored in a “cookie” in your browser). You can identify the displayed currency by means of the converter tool, or the currency symbol after the price.
The currency conversion rates are updated daily through the official European Central Bank exchange rate interface. They should be fairly accurate, but be aware, that we don’t assume any liability for correctness. This currency conversion service is only supplied for your convenience and is a conversion for price display only. Any purchase order will always be processed in EUR. Currency conversion for any purchase is performed on your end by the payment service provider you choose at checkout.
No fees whatsoever will be charged on our end. But please be aware, that your service provider might charge transaction- or currency conversion fees for a purchase made in EUR currency.

Import to third countries (shipping outside EU)

Please be aware that (depending on the type of goods, and the shipment value) your country’s customs office may charge import taxes, VAT, customs fees and other charges for importing goods to your country. Regulations are very different from country to country, and even change from time to time, so please understand that we can not inform about import formalities of other countries here. If you need to know about any charges concerning the import of your order please contact your local customs office before you order from us.

We always supply the full customs export, and import clearance documents (incl. all your contacts) with any export shipment, but please note that we do not pay for customs clearance fees and any taxes that may apply in your country. If applicable these will be charged to you, the receiver (the importer). Usually your shipment will only be delivered to you once these charges are cleared by you. If these charges can not be collected from you (usually within 10 days) the shipment will be returned to us. Shipping costs are therewith “lost” and re-shipping will be need to charged again.

So please ensure you will be available once the shipment is processed in your countries customs office to avoid delays and potential return shipments.