lineGrip Common Features

These features apply to all lineGrips.
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High 3:1 safety ratio

The safety ratio denotes the ratio between the MBS (minimum breaking strength) and the SWL (safe working load) of the device. A ratio of 3:1 means that the devices breaking strength is 3 times higher than the maximum allowed working load.

45 kN MBS - minimum breaking strength

The weakest element in the lineGrip construction - the swivel pegs on the fixed clamping plate - break at min. 45kN.
The strongest element - the load bracket - breaks at 90kN.
This can only be acheived in single element lab condition testing. Under normal operation these parts virtually can not break due to the CST - the common slipping threshold, which causes the lineGrip to slip on the webbing when overloaded at 25-35kN.

15 kN SWL - safe working load

The maximum allowed working load for the longlineGrip is 15 kN. This does not imply, though, that it may be loaded with 15 kN under any circumstance. The maximum safe working load in your specific scenario is dependent upon many factors, such as environmental influences (temperature, weather), webbing type and condition, age of the rubber plates, etc. Please refer to the manual to assess the SWL for specific scenarios.
In general the lineGrip is mostly safe to use up to its max. 15 kN load limit with fairly good condition 1" PES and PA webbing at ambient temperatures of 10°-30°C.

Custom Type-3 rubber compound

linegrip type-3 rubber coating detail

No commercially available rubber compound met the high requirements that the lineGrips' grip surfaces are subjected to. The lineGrip Type-3 rubber is a custom development which endures the extremely high mechanical strain, is sticky enough to develop reliable friction on PES and PA webbing and foremost of all is temperature stable from -10° to +40°C.

Discover lineGrip Type-3 rubber >

Approved temperature range -10° to +40°C

The custom Type-3 rubber grip surfaces are soft enough to generate reliable grip to the webbing starting from as low as -10°C - even on frost covered webbing. Still the specially developed compound is sturdy enough to avoid smearing even in +40°C heat.

Virtually Service Free

Under normal circumstances there is no need to service your lineGrip. The high quality anodizing guarantees durability and lubrication free smooth motion for a very long time.
The lineGrip-Safety-Cap assembly method ensures that no body screws can ever come undone and the rubber-plate screws are safely secured by "blue-dot" bolt locking agent.

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Replaceable Wear Parts

The rubber plates are the only wear parts that definitely need replacement after 1-2 years, because the rubber coating inevitably hardens over time due to volatilization of the plasticizer compound. Replacement is done easy and fast by means of 3 well accessible allen screws.
The plate tether cord could also be considered a wear part, even if it typically lasts for 3-5 years at average use.

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High Lifespan

The lineGrip is designed to last forever - and will with careful handling, we promise. 
To back this up we give lifetime warranty on defects and lifetime service guarantee in case of any mishaps during use.
In any case, our ambition is, that a lineGrip be a once in a lifetime investment for you.

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Available in Multiple Colors

Standard lineGrips available from us have a silver body and red clamping plates.
We have some standard uni-color and multicolor lineGrips listed in our shop.
For absolute personalization you may custom design your unique, personal lineGrip from 8 brilliant colors (60€ color surcharge applies).

Some of our lineGrip dealers offer "their custom" standard lineGrips in other color combinations. Maybe theres a dealer out there offering just the design you are looking for... check them all out here:

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Lifetime warranty and service guarantee

We grant lifetime warranty on defects and lifetime service guarantee in case of any mishaps during use.

As long as your lineGrip exists, we guarantee to:
•  repair any deficiencies in materials or workmanship
•  service your lineGrip free of charge

Learn more about our lifetime warranty and service policy >

Perfected through 8 years of development

Since the first working prototype was released in Dec. 2009 the lineGrip has undergone a dramatic change. We continually work to improve even the smallest of details and are driven by a never ending pursuit for perfection.

No less than 20 major and minor improvements have been released over the years, making the lineGrip still the best webbing clamp available on the market. And it hasn't stopped here. We take up the challenge to make sure this fact won't change!

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99.9% Customer Satisfaction

Literally less than one out of a thousand customers is not fully satisfied with the lineGrip, or did not find all his expectations met.

This is the rough number of complaints we register. Most of these complaints arise due to a lack of pre-purchase information and therefore exaggerated expectations in terms of temperature stability or compatibility with high tech webbing. After being educated about the few limitations that apply to the lineGrip, most of these customers eventually decided to keep their unit nevertheless.

In our 7 year history we've had only two returned lineGrips and not a single warranty case due to defect or malfunction in the scope of designated use.