Replacing lineGrip rubber plates [vid]

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Replacing lineGrip rubber plates [vid]

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The rubber plates should be replaced at least every 2 years. Learn why >

Replacing the rubber plates is a super easy feat, completed in a matter of a few minutes. There’s really only two important details to consider.

All you need, besides the new pair of plates with screws, is a good #2.5 allen key, or even better, a high quality #2.5 hex bit with ratchet.

lineGrip rubber plate replacement kit >

Start off by removing the 6 screws.
Important: use a good quality allen key! Don’t use the crappy “soft” metal type from one of those 5-piece 1$ discount kits. The screws are tightened quite well, so if the allen key fails, you might end up with a broken hex socket, which can make screw removal a real pain (this might force you to use a special screw-extraction tool).
When initially loosening the screw, make sure you apply the allen key perpendicular to the screw head, to avoid damage to the hex socket. Apply firm steady pressure to the allen key, avoid “yanking”.

After the screws are removed, replace the plates. These are unidirectional, so insert them any way you like. Now insert the new screws. If possible, do not use the old ones, for the locking coat is not as effective once they’ve been unscrewed.

Important: tighten the screws firmly (but don’t over do it), which means, give the allen key a good firm final push, after the screw is initially set in place. Make sure you apply the allen key perpendicular to the screw head, to avoid damage to the hex socket!

Thats it! You’re good to go for another 2 years 🙂

First-Aid for damaged screws:
In case you encounter a damaged hex socket and don’t have a screw-extractor handy, please contact us by email. We have great experience with extracting damaged hex socket screws without special tools. Probably we can help you.

Heres a link to a screw-extractor kit (so you have an idea what this is): Damaged Screw Remover and Extractor Set
What you’ll need for the lineGrip plate screws is the so called #1 extractor bit (usually the smallest one in the 4-piece kits).
Google for “Damaged Screw Remover” or “Screw Extractor”, they’re readily available.
Tip: Many home depots, hardware stores, DIY stores carry these as well 😉