highlineGrip G2

The feather weight
for 1″ highlines

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Key Specs

Maximum Working Load (MWL)7 kN (1800 lbf)
Common Slipping Threshold (CST)~ 20 kN (~ 4500 lbf)
Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS)25 kN (5600 lbf)
Permitted operating temperature-10° to +40° C (15° to 105° F)
Approved webbing width24 – 26 mm (0.95 – 1.05“)
Approved webbing thickness1 – 5 mm (0.04 – 0.2“)
Weight (excl. Shell)378 g (13.3 oz)
Measure L x H x W (when open)162 x 80 x 45 mm
Size load eye / link eye28 x 18 mm / 14 mm


Body & clamping platesAluminum AW7075-T651
Load transfer bolts10 mm rod Aluminum AW7075-T651
Rubber platesLG Type-3 rubber on AL carrier plate
Assembly systemStainless steel Safety-Cap

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Webbing width

linegrip highlinegrip load bracket
highlinegrip aluminum load bolts
linegrip llg g4 hlg g2 levers

Function and safety ist paramount, but looks is key!

Its obvious, that our primary focus, when designing and developing the lineGrip, is on function and safety. Therefore the lineGrip radiates simplicity in form and design. 

In the first 7 years there was no fancy 3D sculpted surface, and no element that does not primarily serve a functional purpose.
This changed in December 2017. After functional perfection was achieved through the final detail - the Spring-Ball-Retainer - it was time to focus more on visual design.

The newest generation lineGrip - the G5 - features neat weight saving pockets and all-round beveled edges, instead of flat CNC-milled plates. Aside from the design aspect, this also creates a better haptic experience and further reduces the lineGrip's weight.