lineGrip Lifetime Warranty and Service Policy

Asset protection through durability and guarantee for lifetime warranty, support and service.

Having developed a good and functional product is not the end of our concerns. We at lineGrip Corp. do everything we can to ensure you will enjoy your investment literally forever. We constantly strive for a product quality that will guarantee you won’t ever need to replace your aluminum based lineGrip with another one due to wear, fatigue or failure. When used as designated we guarantee that nothing but the wear parts – the rubber plates – must be replaced over time, no matter how often you use your unit.

Given the case you should ever be concerned about the function, reliability or safety of your lineGrip, we will verify, check and service your unit free of charge anytime you request us to do so.


Lifetime(!) Warranty

We grant lifetime warranty on every aluminum based lineGrip – without compromise.

We grant a two year extended warranty on every “nano” based lineGrip.

We will resolve all deficiencies to our discretion free of charge, either by repair, or replacement, provided that the deficiencies are based on workmanship and/or material defects. Excluded from this warranty are normal traces of use and wear, in particular, wear of the rubber plates and tether cord (wear parts).

Should a defect turn out to be a deficiency due to improper use or dropping of the lineGrip, we will inform you about the results of the inspection, and offer you a repair option. In any case, you will be informed before any costs arise for you.

Service Requests

In case of a service request, we will conduct any maintenance necessary for restoring your units functionality to as near as possible factory state. If your unit has been used as designated and not been tampered with, you will not be charged any labor costs whatsoever for this service feature, even if your lineGrip works perfectly and you just want to have it serviced and verified.

If the inspection reveals any necessity for replacement or repair, we will inform you about the results of the inspection and send you a quote. We will always wait for your approval, before generating any costs for you.

After maintenance, the units function is verified in our lab, by means of a one hour endurance load test in our tensile testing machine.

Shipping Policy for Repairs, Warranty and Service

Shipping the lineGrip to us, is always on your expense.

If the lineGrip had a defect covered by warranty, we will carry the return shipping costs after the repair. This ensures, that in an event of warranty, no costs ever arise for you, other than shipping the lineGrip to us.

If during inspection improper use is determined as the cause of defect, it will be at our discretion to charge return shipping costs.

The same applies for a service and verification request.