Basic lineGrip handling (attaching / removing / reposition) [man] [vid]

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Basic lineGrip handling (attaching / removing / reposition) [man] [vid]

This article concerns lineGrips G3, G4, G4-R, HLG, TLG with and without retainer-pin.

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lineGrip handling is basically self explanatory, but there are a few little tricks, that will help make some things a bit easier in the beginning.

You would, undoubtedly, discover these tricks yourself, after using the lineGrip for a while, but why bother?

Check out the video and use the lineGrip like a pro right away 😉

Attaching to the Webbing

linegrip mount linegrip on line

1. Attach the lineGrip to the webbing preferably from below, and insert the loose clamping plate.

linegrip insert top loose plate

2. Push the clamping plate forward, and latch the pegs into the hooks by moving the load bracket forward. Finally insert the retainer pin if present.

Keep the tether cord and retainer pin clear of the hooks and the clamping surfaces! Ensure correct orientation of the clamping plate with the rubber surface facing the webbing!

Moving on the Webbing

linegrip pull away from tensioning device

To move the lineGrip away from the tensioning device, pull at the load bracket, keeping hands clear of the hooks and clamping plate.

linegrip push toward tensioning device

To move the lineGrip towards the tensioning device, push at the (top/loose) clamping plate.

If no retainer-pin is installed, the lineGrip may fall off the webbing due to a shaking or oscillating slackline, when no load is applied to the load eye of the load bracket.

The retainer-pin

It keeps the loose clamping plate locked in place to ensure that the lineGrip will never fall off the slackline in any case.

The retainer-pin  is “self evasive”, which means, it will stay clear of the clamping surface when unclipped, due to the steel attachment-cable, which acts like a spring. This reduces the risk of mistakenly getting caught between the clamping surfaces when inserting the plate.

linegrip installed retainer pin

Insert the pin into the pin hole nearest to the lever to secure the clamping plate.

linegrip remove retainer pin

Push out the pin before removing the loose plate.

When using the lineGrip UPSIDE DOWN, always insert the retainer pin! In this orientation, and without installed pin, it can easily fall off even a calm and steady slackline while unloaded.