Basic lineGrip-SBR handling (attaching / removing / reposition) [man] [vid]

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Basic lineGrip-SBR handling (attaching / removing / reposition) [man] [vid]

This article concerns lineGrips LLG G4-SBR, HLG G2-SBR and TLG G2-SBR (with spring-ball-retainer).

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lineGrip handling is basically self explanatory, but there are a few little tricks, that will help make some things a bit easier in the beginning.

You would, undoubtedly, discover these tricks yourself, after using the lineGrip for a while, but why bother?

Check out the video and use the lineGrip like a pro right away 😉

Attaching to the Webbing

linegrip press down on sbr plate

1. With the loose clamping plate removed, flip open the levers and attach the lineGrip to the webbing, preferably with the load bracket facing down.
Insert the loose clamping plate, and press down on the plate (in the center above the spring balls), until it snaps into place.

linegrip lock sbr plate (push forward)

2. Push the clamping plate forward, until a click sound confirms locking, and the pegs latch into the hooks.
The plate is now secured against inadvertent unlatching, and the lineGrip is ready to use.

Ensure correct orientation of the plate, and keep the tether cord clear of the hooks and the clamping surfaces!

Moving on the Webbing

linegrip pull back on lower side

The lineGrip can be repositioned on the webbing easily, without unlatching or unlocking.
To move the lineGrip away from the tensioning device, pull at the load bracket, while keeping hands clear of the hooks and clamping plate.

linegrip pusch forward on top plate

To move the lineGrip towards the tensioning device, first ensure that the load bracket is not loaded, flip open the levers and then push at the loose clamping plate, while keeping hands clear of the load bracket.

Tip if the lineGrip can not be flipped open:
If the plates are locked to the webbing, apply a firm tap with your palm…

  • to the top plate from the rear end (near the “kN”)


  • to the load eye side of the load bracket

…to free the rubber surfaces from the webbing and flip open the levers.

Removing from the Webbing

linegrip unlock sbr plate

1. To unlock the loose plate, first ensure that the load bracket is not loaded, then flip open the lineGrip.
In case it can not be flipped open, refer to the tip for repositioning above.
Now push back the plate while excerting counter pressure to one of the hooks.

linegrip remove sbr plate

2. Remove the loose plate by lifting up the front end with the spring balls first, then withdraw the plate in a backwards and upwards motion.

The lineGrip might fall off the webbing as soon as the loose plate is unlocked! Support the lineGrip by the load bracket to avoid dropping.