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lineScale 2 load cell

Electronic Bluetooth dynamometer specifically designed for slackline use – version 2 of the well known slackPro! lineScale.
30kN WLL, about the size of a large hand, 20mm thin, only 495g light, and anodized in brilliant gold color!
Generous D-Shape chamfered, cross-load proof attachment eyes to accept almost any conceivable connection type.
Comes with rechargeable battery (via Micro-USB), bluetooth connectivity, smartphone app and protective felt pouch.
Please see detail description and specs below.

Please note: the LineScale is out of stock. Production is running and new stock will be available around June 2020.

MSRP: 497,90 EUR

Dispatch time: 2 days (when stocked)

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Safety aspect
This device is milled out of one solid block of high-tensile aviation aluminum (LY12CZ), giving it a whopping 80kN MBS. In terms of safety this is the best deal you can get. Theres no bolts, screws, rings, pistons or joints that could possibly fail… this is the security of mind you need when leaving the scale in the highline rig while walking it!

The lineScale 2, with its 80kN MBS, is perfectly suited as a bomber, generously dimensioned, nicely organized anchor/distribution point for your highline rig. The large omnidirectional, cross-load proof eyelets can easily accommodate 6-8 strands of 10mm rope from your equalizing anchors, which makes multi connector management an ease.

Working priciple
The lineScale works by the priciple of material micro deformation: Wikipedia – Strain Gauge

User configuration
The displayed unit (kg, lb, kN) and the auto power off time can easily be selected and saved as preset by the user.

High Tech Power Management
If no load change is registered for the preset shutoff interval the device will auto power off. It was essential for us to assure, that the scale does NOT calibrate its sensors to 0 when powered on, but immediately shows the current load. This enables you to power on and off manually anytime when you need a load reading. This saves an enormous amount of power and makes your scale go for months without having to recharge.
Of course the device has a low battery warning indicator, but additionally it also displays the voltage reading of the battery pack when powering on, so you can recharge in time. The lineScale also has a low power emergency operation mode that ensures your batteries are not drained without you noticing. When power is in the critical range it will automatically power off after 3 minutes in any case to save power.

The 24Bit pro AD-Converter with dual strain gauge configuration has a resolution of 1kg with a measuring error of less than ±1% (only inside the “sweet spot” area of 300kg – 1500kg / 3kN – 15kN, which is 10-50% of maximum load). Please note: Below the “sweet spot” area the measuring error might be up to 15%, especially under 100kg… this device is NOT a precision micro scale! See “Limitations” tab for further details.

Scan Rate
The sensor scan rate (cycle rate) is 40Hz, meaning the lineScale reads and calculates the sensor load every 25ms, which makes it sensitive for fairly short peak loads. We promise to aim for the lowest possible scan rate within our budget.
Any peak load shorter than 25ms may be missed by the sensors, however this is very, very unlikely for slackline use. See “Limitations” tab for further details.

30kN WLL, about the size of a large hand, 20mm thin, and 495g light.
For highest possible safety, the lineScale unibody is milled from a solid block of high-strength aviation aluminum, which results in 80kN breaking strength. The generous D-Shape chamfered attachment eyes are cross-load proof and will accept almost any conceivable connector such as steel shackles, biners, industrial slings, ropes, webbing and soft-shackles.
Bluetooth connectivity allows you to display/log the load values on your smartphone and set a custom load alarm threshold via the lineScale-App.
It comes with a light, perfectly fitting protective felt pouch.

> Read more on the lineScale page

– IP64 splash water & dust proof design
– 40Hz scan rate (25ms)
– 24Bit high precision ADC
– dual strain gauge
– Bluetooth interface
– 3 units selection (kgf, lbf, kN)
– tare function (set current load to 0)
– peak display function
– lock display function
– auto off for power-saving
– high tech power management
– rechargeable Li-Ion battery
– solid aluminum block construction
– anodized in brilliant gold color

Please note: Specs subject to change slightly during design and production phase!

lineScale 2 Specs
– Working load limit (WLL): 30 kN
– Minimum breaking strength (MBS): 80 kN
– Measuring range: -10 % to 110 % WLL
– Weight (incl. battery): 495 g (17 oz)
– Measurements (L x W x T): 190 x 90 x 20 mm
– Size attachment eyes: Radius 30mm D-Shape (ca. 60x40mm)
– Material body: High strain aviation aluminum alloy LY12CZ
– Anodized in brilliant gold color
– Display units: kgf / lbf / kN
– Maximum range: 3000 kgf / 6600 lbf / 30 kN
– Display division (resolution): 1 kg / 2 lbf / 0.01 kN
– Measure error: less than ±0.5% (@3kN-15kN)
– Display number size: ca. 13 mm height
– Operating temperature: +10 to +40 °C
– Storage temperature: -20 to +70 °C
– Relative humidity: 10% to 80% RH
– Power: 3.7V 1000mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack
– Operating endurance: ca. 50 hours continuous (24h w. bluetooth enabled)
– Bluetooth 4 interface (w. smartphone app)
– Sensor scan rate (cycle rate): 40 Hz (25 ms) & 10Hz (100ms)
– Protection Class: IP64

Info protection class: Protected against dust, splash water and any type of rain, but not submergible in water!

Approved for operating temps as stated above, but we have tested it at -10°C and found a minor linear deviation of 35kg / 0.35kN only.

Please note: Specs subject to change slightly during design and production phase!

Description of app in progress…

This device is NOT a professional analytical device or laboratory/reasearch qualified dynamometer on which to base a single 100% reliabilty calculation of an unredundant life support system! The lineScale scans the load every 25ms, which might lead to the fact, that an ultra short peak load is missed, such as may occur when doing anchor bolt testing with short slings in factor 2 falls, for instance. It may also lead to slightly reduced reading of a leash fall in a very short highline, because the 25ms reading interval might have occured a few milliseconds before or after the peak load.

Please note if you have your lineScale shipped to countries outside EU:
Your local customs office might charge you import taxes and customs fees when importing to your country. Due to the many different regulations worldwide we are unable to list and specify all potential costs that may arise for you during the import.
Please check with your local customs office if you’d like to get clarity about what you might be confronted with once the lineScale is dispatched to your location in May 2019.

To facilitate this you may use the following customs specs:
Product description: Electronic Tensile Force Meter (Dynamometer)
Country of origin: China / Customs Tariff No: 84238220

Also, if you supply your Tax-ID-Number during your order, we will include this in the customs declaration to speed up customs clearance.


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