lineGrip lineScale 2

An electronic bluetooth dyno / dynamometer / load cell specifically designed for measuring slackline tension up to 30kN (3 tons). The huge load eyes and 80kN breaking strength make it perfectly suited as a rigging plate / master point for highlines.

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lineGrip lineScale 2 - slackline dyno

This dynamometer is a resurrection of our slackPro lineScale… fully reworked, optimized and equipped with new technology (lithium battery, bluetooth, app, etc.).

lineScale 2 project update Dec. 2. 2019
From our Facebook lineScale project group

Sooooooo, here they are 😁

98 lineScales ready to be shipped to their owners…

Received on Monday Dec. 2nd 2019 at 1600 CET!

All my babies are finally home 🥰 ohhhh yeah!

Will start dispatching to you supporters first thing Tuesday… keep your eyes open for the shipping email with tracking link 😉

PS: last chance to check your delivery address and notify us, in case you moved since your order… it’s gonna go fast, so don’t waste any time!

Cheers ‘yall my friends 😘

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Hurry, theres only a few left of the first batch. Once these are sold out, new stock will be available in April 2020!

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Thank you to all supporters

The pre-series sample passed all tests with flying colors and the first 100 units are almost ready for shipping :-)A huge "thank you" to all the crowdfunding supporters for making this possible. Without you we would not have been able to realize this project!Join the lineScale project group: from the pre-order discount (available for another 2-3 weeks): the lineGrip team

Gepostet von LineGrip Corp. Ltd. am Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2019

The following outside pics are from our first field test day with the working pre-series sample. The last 3 pictures are taken with a 3D-printed lineScale-2 prototype model for demonstration- and case study purposes.

Key Specs

Working Load Limit (WLL)30 kN (6600 lbf)
Breaking Strength (MBS)80 kN (17600 lbf)
Measure L  x W x H190 x 90 x 20 mm
Size load eyes60 x 40 mm (R30 D-Shape)
Weight (incl. battery)495 g (17 oz)
Operating temperature0° to +40° C (32° to 105° F)
Relative operating humidity10% to 80% RH
Protection ClassIP64

Electronic Specs

Measuring range-10 % to 110 % WLL
Display unitskgf / lbf / kN
Maximum range3000 kgf / 6600 lbf / 30 kN
Display division (resolution)1 kg / 2 lbf / 0.01 kN
Measure error ±0.5% (@3kN-15kN)
Sensor scan rate (cycle rate)Fast: 40 Hz (25 ms)
Slow: 10 Hz (100ms)
Battery3.7V 1000 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery pack
Operating enduranceca. 48 hours continuous
(24h w. bluetooth enabled)
Charging portMicro-USB
InterfaceBluetooth 4


Material bodyaviation aluminum alloy LY12CZ
Coloringanodized in brilliant gold color
Manufacturing technologymilled from solid block
Assembly Methodadhesive sealed

Safety is Paramount

This device is milled out of one solid block of high-tensile aviation aluminum (LY12CZ), giving it a whopping 80kN MBS. In terms of safety this is the best deal you can get. Theres no bolts, screws, rings, pistons or joints that could possibly fail… this is the security of mind you need when leaving the scale in the highline rig while walking it!

Working Principle

The lineScale works by the priciple of material micro deformation: Wikipedia – Strain Gauge

User Configurable

A threshold load value can be set to sound an alarm when reached.
The displayed unit (kg, lb, kN) and the auto power off time can easily be selected and saved as preset by the user.

lineScale dyno - super versatile
lineScale dynanometer w. high accuracy
lineScale dyno dynanometer with bluetooth connectivity and smartphone app
lineScale dyno w. state of the art power management and bluetooth
lineScale dyno w. high scan rate & bluetooth