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Balance-Community WAFER

Ultralight micro webbing clamp for 25mm slacklines – 4kN SWL.
Equipped with spliced Dyneema cord and LineGrip-Type-6 rubber plates (1/3 size).
A right-sized webbing grip that fits in the palm of your hand. Easily grab and tension your lines with a simple action, and always carry with you on your harness.
In the box: BC Wafer, english manual*, LineGrip sticker.
(* We do not supply manuals/instructions in other languages)

EUR 97,70 (incl. tax)

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Great for soft pointing lines, tensioning with the Buckingham method, or simple use the Wafer to attach things to your line!
Super small, ergonomical, and easy to use, the BC Wafer is the ideal webbing grip device for your gear bag.
Designed in Colorado, manufactured in China, assembled in Colorado.

Micro in Size
The perfect size to keep with you at all times.
A big part of the design criteria for the Wafer was a compact device able to be carried with you at all times:
• 68 gram weight
• 44 mm x 44 mm x 22 mm size
You never know when you’ll need to grab on to your line, so it’s great that the Wafer is small enough to live on your harness right next to your roller.

The Connection Point
Orients the right way every time.
We developed a unique splicing technique such that the connection point sits vertically when under load. This allows for a much more simple and elegant clipping location without the need for girth hitches or twisted connectors.
In addition to proper orientation, the connection point is quite large. Large enough for several pieces of gear to be connected without interfering with the functionality of the device.

The Guide Rails
Large Wafer guide rails keep your webbing aligned inside the device.
A large part of the effectiveness of a webbing grip device is how well it can keep the webbing aligned while slowly applying tension. With the tall guide rails built in to the top plate of the Wafer, we have ensured that the webbings up to 10mm in thickness will stay aligned while using the Wafer.
These tall guides were intelligently designed in a way that they not only align the webbing inside the device, but also help align the top plate over the bottom plate, ensuring you have maximum contact with the rubber plates on the inside of the device.

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