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Gibbon lineGrip G3 SBR (last stock)

Generation-3 MK-3 (SBR) aluminum webbing clamp for 25mm slacklines – 15kN SWL
Equipped with spring-ball-retainer and Type-3 rubber plates
Color: red clamping plates, silver body
In the box: lineGrip, lineGrip-Shell, english manual*, spare safety caps
(*Please note: we do not supply manuals/instructions in other languages!)

Please note: this is a discontinued product in last stock sell-off status!

EUR 155,30 (incl. tax)

Dispatch time: 2 days (when stocked)

Sold Out

The lineGrip G3 MK3, introduced in 2014, was the first all aluminum lineGrip model. Back then Gibbon was our distribution partner, therefore the Gibbon logo on the plate.
We found some left over parts in our warehouse and decided to upgrade them with SBR technology, brand new rubber plates and sell them off “for cheap”.
If you’re looking for a budget lineGrip with premium performance, this is the device for you! It features all the functionality of newer models, except for the oval load eye. The G3 has a round 18mm diameter load eye and is therefore a bit less flexible in terms of connectors, the over all size is the same as the G4 and G5, but it weighs about 100g more than the G5.


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