lineGrip-Shell instructions, usage, cooling

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lineGrip-Shell instructions, usage, cooling

The lineGrip-Shell is not merely a transport- and protection case for your lineGrip. It’s primary use is keeping the lineGrip cool under hot conditions. The Shell even has the capability to actively cool your lineGrip up to 10°C below ambient!


This Knowledge-Base article will show you the many uses for the lineGrip-Shell, and demonstrate its diversity.

#1 Transport case – protect your lineGrip from damage/scratches

#2 Sun shade – avoid unnecessary heating up of your lineGrip during use in the sun

#3 Active cooling – cool your lineGrip up to 10°C below ambient temperature

Allows for fast and easy checkup of the lineGrip during use, without the need to unwrap the shell whenever you want to verify that everything is ok with the lineGrip while you tension.

Cluster compatible – even when linking multiple lineGrips, each lineGrip may be equipped with its own Shell due to the lineGrip-Shell’s ingenious construction.

Transport/Protective Case

The most obvious purpose for the lineGrip-Shell is to use it for transporting your lineGrip in order to protect it from damage or scratches by other gear.

TIP: the fastest and easiest way to open the shell is on the velcro-strap side. This way you avoid the need to untie and tie the knot.

TIP 2: if you prefer to keep the lineGrip attached to the tensioning system, you may still protect your lineGrip with the Shell during transport. In this case, simply open the Shell on the cord side, slide it over the connected lineGrip and tie the knot tightly around the connection piece (shackle / biner / quick link).

Sun Shade

Heat is the biggest enemy of reliable gripping power to webbing!

This doesn’t concern the lineGrip itself, of course. It relates to the rubber plates, more specifically, the rubber’s adhesion capability to webbing. Up to about 30°C theres no friction issue at all when using lineGrip Type-3 rubber. But as the temperature approaches 40°C, adhesion power begins to decrease even with this best of all rubber compounds. Therefore it is important to avoid excessive heat. Ambient temperature is rarely the problem, solar radiation more so. The sun can easily heat up the lineGrip within minutes by 20°C or more.

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Protecting the lineGrip from direct sunlight is thus your best bet to retain the rubber’s reliable gripping power. Albeit, sometimes it is unavoidable to use the lineGrip in the sun, so whenever you do, cover it – preferably with the lineGrip-Shell.

The Shell can be unfolded completely, and thus is suited well to subsequently wrap around a lineGrip that is installed on the webbing and attached to a tensioning device. The front of the Shell will adjust snugly to any gear attached to the lineGrip, by pulling tight the cord. The rear end with the velcro strap accomodates an exit for the slackline and access to the link eye.

Better than nothing… if no Shell at hand, cover the lineGrip with a light colored cloth when using it in hot sunlight 😉

Active Cooling

When wet (moist), the lineGrip-Shell even provides active cooling through evaporative heat loss, which can lower the lineGrip’s temperature inside the moist Shell up to 10°C (!) below ambient temperature.

All you need for this active cooling effect is some water!

Either moisten the Shell before wrapping it around the lineGrip, by folding it up in your hand, pour some water over it and squish it hard to distribute the water evenly in the felt. Then wrap the moist shell around the preinstalled lineGrip.
Or if you have plenty of water, simply pour water over the Shell-Wrapped lineGrip until the felt is soaked.

No matter if dripping wet, or just moist, the water will evaporate and thus cool the lineGrip inside the Shell well below the ambient (air) temperature – in the shade or in the sun.

Depending on the situation (temperature) you may need to reapply water after some time to retain sub-ambient temperature of the lineGrip.

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Fast and Easy Checkup

It is easy to move the lineGrip on the webbing, or quickly check up on your lineGrip during the tensioning process, by opening the cord of the Shell, and pulling it off the lineGrip, while the Shell remains attached to the webbing.

This is the huge advantage the Shell has over a simple cloth… it will never be dropped during a quick checkup or come loose by vibrations or wind.

Cluster Compatible

The lineGrip-Shell’s ingenious construction even allows for application when linking multiple lineGrips to form a lineGrip-Cluster for handling ultra high loads.

It offers interconnection of each Shell and easy access to the link-eyes.


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