The lineScale II Users Web Page

This web page ist still under construction…
It is currently updated frequently, so please check back soon 😉

Soon you can

• register your lineScale;

download or view the online users manual;

• browse the FAQs;

• browse the knowledge base;

download the smartphone app (iOS & Android)


We are working hard to get everything finalized and online asap.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please check back soon.

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lineScale II App


Both the Android and iOS app are still in development, or better said, still being improved.
We will always make the latest versions available for you here. 

The lineScale iOS app is available for download in the Apple Appstore. 
Requirement: iOS 12.0 or later.

Appstore link: download the lineScale iOS app (current version 1.1 from July 2020).
Or simply search for “Linescale” in the Appstore.
Grant “File access” (to save logs) and “Bluetooth access” during installation.

Please note: before you remove a beta version you had installed on your phone over “Testflight”, please export any logs you want to keep, because these will also be deleted when you remove the beta app ?

Click on this link to download the Android App release 1.2 (Sept. 16. 2020)
Requirement: Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) or later.
NOTE: fully uninstall any earlier beta version before installing version 1.1!!!
Grant “File access” (to save logs) and “Bluetooth access” during installation.
If you use “Google Advanced Protection” on your device you can’t install apps from websites other than the Google Play Store. We are working on uploading to the Play Store and expect the lineScale app to be available there in the next final version 1.2 in a few weeks.

App quick start guide:
• install app
• power up lineScale
• start app
• Android: press “settings” (gear symbol), and “Connect lineScale”
• iOS: press Bluetooth symbol 
• select your lineScale from the list
• return to app main screen
Now the bluetooth symbol on the lineScale shows and you’re connected 😀

If with Android you get the message “lineScale not found” despite an available unconnected lineScale nearby, please enable “Location based services” in your phone settings! The Android Bluetooth API is somehow linked to this service in some Android versions. LineScale app does not do location tracking though! 

Note: you can NOT (and must not) connect the lineScale via bluetooth pairing!
All bluetooth lineScale management is done through the app. 

Once connected, the app will auto-connect to the last known lineScale as soon as it’s available.
You can connect to another lineScale (switch scales) via the settings menu.   


lineScale II Manuals


Download the user manuals here: 

Click here to download the Quick Start Guide that was included with your lineScale 

The detailed & full manuals are still being designed.
Because the apps are still in development, its really hard to keep manuals up to date with the changes.
So please have some patience, we’re working hard to get these finished and online asap.

In the mean time, if you have any app related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us
• via FB lineScale group
• via FB Messenger
• via Whatsapp
• via Email
we’re glad to help you getting started with the apps 🙂 


Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please check back soon.