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AWAH Z2R Drill Powered Pulley

The Z2R is a multi-functional device which combines the functionality of an electrically assisted ascender with that of a pulley, and descender into one device.

A powerful drill is needed to operate the Z2R as ascender. The drill requires at least 50 Nm, however AWAH suggests 120 Nm for optimal operation. Brushless drills are required as they don’t build up heat as quickly. Additionally the drill’s battery has an effect on it’s performance, therefore batteries with more cells are better. AWAH states that a 5.0Ah battery is just enough, but an 8.0Ah battery is ideal. We strongly suggest to use a high quality brand drill with min. 18V battery for frequent use and/or long ascending distances under high load. We’ve used the Makita XPH14Z 18V LXT successfully for long and high load operation 😉

NOTE: Z2R is designed to lift heavy objects or people, and its lowering function is purely for convenience. Due to the one-way locking function of the ratchet, the release is not progressive, but sudden (the reverse lock is disengaged with a sudden jerk on the lever). Lowering / descending then requires the assistance of additional friction from the side arms of the device to manage the speed of descent. It is NOT a self camming device like a Gri-Gri, and therefore a brake hand must always handle the free rope end, and descend speed. The Z2R pulley is either engaged or completely free (a bit comparable to the Wild Country Revo).

We clearly state: the Z2R is NOT certified to any CE / EN / ANSI standards and directives yet! (the CE-Mark is pending, the EN 14492-2:2019 certificate, and probably a TÜV-Sued seal of approval is aspired).
Therefore the Z2R MUST always be used with a PPE compliant backup system (fall arrest or progress capture) on an independent rope whenever a person is suspended!
If you use a toothed device such as the Petzl Pro-Traxion, you won’t be able to lower without disengaging your backup. However, if you use a device such as an ASAP lock, CT Easy, SKA, Goblin, Swing, etc. you can release slowly and still have the safety of the fall arrest device.

The Z2R is designed to work with rope diameters ranging from 9-11mm. It works best with very stiff and static ropes. Normal EN 1891 ropes do not typically work well, because the ropes are too flexible, whereas EN 1891A ropes work just fine. The maximum allowed load for the Z2R is 200 kg.

The input shaft features an 8mm hexagonal bit pickup (two HEX bits are included). The length of the bit should be such that the electric drill and Z2 are as close as possible without making contact. If the bit is too long it may cause the device to shake when powered under load, and if too short the drill-chuck will rub against the aluminum case.
During AWAH’s tests, the Z2R ran for 100,000 meters with a safe margin, however this was not performed under load. The nominal lifespan of the Z2R input shaft gear is 20,000 meters. This wear part, the Input Shaft Drive Gear, costs only 18€ and can easily be replaced by the user in a matter of a few minutes. The gear ratio is 100:12 (output teeth to input teeth), which translates to about 8:1 (8.3 revolutions on input shaft = 1 revolution on rope pulley).

See full technical specs in the corresponding tab below.
> Download the most up to date user manual here

See more detailed descriptions, explanations, pictures, and videos on our partner’s HowNOT2 Z2R product page here.

Note: due to the pending CE-Mark this device may only be purchased by commercial/industrial users for the time being!
As consumer please wait with your purchase until the CE-Mark is applied (we expect mid-year 2024).

Note: due to distributor territory regulations we DO NOT ship the Z2R to USA and CA!
Due to the geolocation of your current internet access the “Add to cart” button below might not be visible for you. If you order from USA or CA and wish to ship to any other country, please contact us for assistance.
For shipments to USA or CA please order from our US partner HowNOT2:
> click here to be forwarded to the HN2 shop page

LineGrip Corp. is official and exclusive AWAH distributor and importer for the European Union since March 1st. 2024.
The global MSRP for the Z2R is $1499, and we decided to give you 20% EU-introductory discount, which results in 1099€ (net price) after currency conversion.
The initial (limited) first stock is sold-out. New stock of 100 units is expected to arrive in our warehouse in mid- to late-April. This product offer is therefore to be understood as PREORDER, and dispatch will be as soon as stock arrives (expect early-May).
Dealers please contact us here for wholesale prices (trade license compulsory, MOQ 5 units).

EUR 1.307,10 (incl. tax)

Dispatch time: Est. dispatch 1st week of May

-24 available

Volume discounts apply starting from 2 units!

Rope Compatibility: 9-11 mm
Recommended Rope Type: 10mm EN 1891A
Drill Torque Requirement: 50-150 Nm
Recommended Drill Torque: >100 Nm
Lifting Load Limit: 200 kg
Lowering Load Range: 30-200 kg
Unit Weight: 2380 g


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