Last updated on September 01, 2017
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Resolving SBR issues (spring-balls too loose) [vid]

Every once in a while it might happen, that the SBR does not offer sufficient resistance, and thus disengages easily.

This is mostly caused by too much clearance between the front levers.
If the top safety caps of the front levers are not fitted tightly, the gap between the lever and the clamping plate is too great, resulting in a larger than usual clearance between the two levers. Because the spring-balls rely on equal pressure from both sides, a wider than usual space between the levers will result in low counter pressure.

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Reasons for loose fit of levers:

  • Sideways shock loading might increase clearance of the levers, by shifting of safety caps.
  • Dropping the lineGrip might cause one of the caps to shift outwards.


First identify the gap between the the front levers and the stationary clamping plate. When the lever is flush with the safety cap, this gap should not be greater than 0,5mm.
If the gap is greater, try to re-seat the top front safety caps, by gently hammering them in place (use a soft protection to avoid damaging the cap).
If this does not solve the issue, try to rotate the safety caps, by pinching them between your fingers/nails, to check if they sit loosely. If you can rotate a cap with your fingers, this indicates, that it does not lock tightly to the plate-pin, tho which it is fastened. In this case, please contact us for further instructions.

Please note:

A rotating safety cap is not a safety issue!
The construction of the pins, to which the caps are fastened, is such, that the cap can never slip off. A loose safety cap can only move by max. 1mm, before it is reliably stopped by a rim at the tip of the pin.
Therefore you may continue to safely use your lineGrip, until this issue is resolved. Please avoid situations, where the lineGrip could fall from great height, should the loose plate disengage due to the loose fitting SBR.