lineGrip backup during rigging – IMPORTANT!

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lineGrip backup during rigging – IMPORTANT!

Backing up the lineGrip correctly is the best precaution for avoiding critical situations, and damage to gear, should the webbing ever slip through the lineGrip. Sudden slippage can never be excluded entirely, because the lineGrip only establishes a temporary friction based connection to the webbing!

Take safety precuations! Be aware, that high temperature will reduce the gripping power of the rubber! You as the operator are responsible to take any necessary safety precautions, to avoid accidents in case of slippage (e.g. reliable backup, keep bystanders clear)!

backup linegrip - wrong, too much slack

Wrong – Danger! This is too much slack!

Backup with as little slack as possible!

Strictly avoid having more than 30cm of slack webbing between the lineGrip, and the anchor!
Reason: should the webbing slip through the lineGrip, it will not be stopped, until all slack has pulled through the lineGrip. The more webbing, the greater the momentum the webbing will develop, and the greater the risk of damage to your gear, and/or injuries to operators or bystanders.

backup linegrip - correct slack

Good – Safe!

If the slack approaches approx. 30cm, pause tensioning and take in the slack, or have a helper take in the slack continuously, while you keep tensioning.
This will avoid any critical situations, damage, and injuries, should the webbing ever slip through the lineGrip due to any reason.