Can I use the lineGrip as webbing anchor? DANGER!

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Can I use the lineGrip as webbing anchor? DANGER!

NO, NEVER under any circumstance!

The lineGrip is only for tensioning the slackline, not for anchoring/attaching it!
The lineGrip must always be removed before anyone gets on the line, even if the backup webbing locker is installed!



The lineGrip must always be backed up with an appropriate fixation device during the tensioning process, and while loaded!
Sudden slippage can never be excluded entirely, because the lineGrip only establishes a temporary friction based connection to the webbing!

The temporary friction based connection is not dynamic load proof!

Even a very short intense peak load (shock load) could break the friction for a split second, which might initiate a chain reaction due to minimal warming of the rubber surface, and in turn, some more slipping, which can lead to eventual failure of the friction based connection within a split second.
The kinetic energy of tensioned webbing in motion is significantly higher, than the potential kinetic energy, that is stored in static tensioned webbing. Or in other words: once the tensioned webbing picks up speed, its almost unstoppable.


So, again: never, ever, under any circumstance use the lineGrip to anchor a slackline!!!