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Whats the difference between the lineGrip G4, G5, highlineGrip and tricklineGrip?

Whats the main difference between all the lineGrip models?

For the tricklineGrip its obviously 2″ versus 1″ maximum webbing width.

The main difference between longlineGrip and highlineGrip is weight and working load.
The highlineGrip is lighter, because it’s parts are slimmed down to save weight and therefore are not as strong as the G4 parts. Additionally the highlineGrip has aluminum load transfer bolts to further save weight. That is why the highlineGrip’s working load is lower.

Apart from that everything, from handling, basic function, over used materials, rubber plates, to leverage-ratio (pressure force between the plates) and safety ratio (3:1) is identical for all lineGrips.

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The lineGrip G3 and lineGrip G3 AL are outdated models, which were discontinued in 2014 (discover some lineGrip history here). The main difference to these models is the load-eye, which was round up to G3 and oval starting with G4 and highlineGrip. The G3 was also the last generation that was manufactured in a stainless steel version.