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lineGrip nano

Ultralight polyamide webbing clamp for 25mm slacklines – 4kN SWL.
Equipped with 4mm Dyneema cord (w. protective sheath) and Type-3 rubber plates (2/3 size).
Featuring the intelligent “nano overload warning system” (NOWS), neat organic design and a fantastic purple color.
Please note: labeling is only elevated, not white (whitened only for imaging purposes)!
Comes with a 5mm stainless steel triangle to build a “buckingham” tensioning system for 1″webbing.
In the box: lineGrip nano, triangle, english manual*, sticker.
(* We do not supply manuals/instructions in other languages)

128,40 EUR (incl. tax)

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The lineGrip nano is the newest addition to the lineGrip family. Introduced in Nov. 2018, it’s the first lineGrip device not made of metal!
The laser sinter manufacturing process (PA12-SLS) opens all new realms of design possibilities, while minimizing device weight to a minimum.
Its organic shape, and the ergonomic size and design make handling a pure joy.
Replaceable high friction lineGrip Type-3 rubber plates (2/3 size) guarantee unique lineGrip style reliability, and offer the best possible grip on any webbing type in almost any scenario and temperature.
The unique nano overload warning system – called NOWS – lets you detect overloading of your nano via a separating marker on the bottom of the device.
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Technical specs for the lineGrip nano:

Size (L x W x H): 83 x 44 x 47 mm
Weight: ca. 100 g
Max. Working Load: 4 kN
Breaking Strength: >10 kN
Length of Cord-Loop: ca. 120 mm
Breaking Strength of Cord Loop: >20 kN
Type of Cord: 4 mm Liros Dyneema D-Pro
Approved Webbing Width: 16 – 26 mm
Approved Webbing Thickness: 1 – 5 mm
Permitted Working Temp.: -10° C – 40° C

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